I did not like you,

Based on true events.

I did not like you the first time.

But you kept trying to win over me.

You tried your best.

You were, I don’t know, I never understood you!

But when it came to saving you, I had to.

You were dying, or at least pretending to be dying.

Still you were bleeding, it was bad.

I did my best in saving you.

You did recover, and were jumping all around.

You loved me more than anyone.

And I did too.

You always put your arm over me, scared of letting me go.

But what actually goes in your mind?

I will never know.

But we share pizzas now.

Though I always pay for them.

You keep getting into trouble.

Though childish, it worries me.

You do test your fate.

But I realized your smartness.

When I feel the lows, you bring the highs.

You being nothing, have become everything.

Just stop bringing dead animals home.

That does not mean you can bring them alive.

So, Minmeow, what actually goes in your mind?

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Thanks for reading and watching.

Meow Meow!



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