It is Covid, isn’t it?

This is the question that is generating anxiety among us.

  • The information herein is solely based on my opinion and consulting your medical provider is always the best choice in case of any doubts.
  • Information herein is based as of 19th July 2020 and any important updates that might render the article faulty will be changed as soon as possible.
Headlines that we read without going into the details. (Deccan Chronicle, Economic Times) Screenshots by Author.

With life returning to a new normal, the two worrying questions on everybody's mind are;

“When will they make the vaccine?”

“I have an headache, is it Covid?”

As for the vaccine, one could come soon enough or there might not be a vaccine. Either way, we will have to move on.

In the meanwhile, the other question will bug us a lot.

Though we are trying to return to our daily life with tremendous safety measures, a small symptom has the potential to disrupt it all.

So, what to do?

When you Google about the symptoms of Covid, this is what you end up with,

These are the majority of the symptoms noted in Covid positive patients. Screenshots by Author.

Well, these are not untrue but the supporting statistics is never shown to you. The meanings most, less, and serious are ambiguous here. But this is how symptoms of any disease show up on the internet and a diagnosis should never be based on this information.

In fact, common cold and other low-risk diseases also show most of these symptoms if you search them up on the internet.

If you suspect you might have Covid, and you are exhibiting any of the most common or serious symptoms then there is a high chance of it being Covid but not for sure. Only a test can 99% confirm Covid.

The other symptoms could be due to various reasons, and get it checked by your medical provider if it doesn’t go away in two or three days.

Avoid unnecessary visits to your health provider over small issues that can be resolved at home.

It is just that statistics do not favor the other symptoms and even the whole scientific community works on statistics. So, unless any of those less common symptoms end up in the most common ones, don’t suspect Covid immediately.

But even if you are exhibiting any symptoms related or not related to Covid, kindly stay home and avoid contact with others. Because Covid is still new and a lot is yet to be known about it.

Keep yourself updated about the Covid disease and avoid panic.

Follow the guidelines your country has set. Wear mask even if not mandatory.

Keep washing your hands, sanitizing everything, and stop touching your face.

The statistics have always put elderly and already morbid people at greater risk of death. So, be conscious of these people and generally maintain physical distance while giving strong emotional support.

I hope this article gives you some peace of mind.

Take care.



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