Programming Languages to Learn

In the order of ease of use!

Example code of the 4 languages I ran on Replit. Screenshots by Author.

There are tons of programming language out there. You can check the complete list on Wikipedia. While most of them have very limited use, there are some which are extensively used around the world. But if you plan on learning one, then consider one from the below.

Also, remember that programming language is just a tool to implement computer logic. Use it like a tool and be flexible enough to change your tool if required.


Python is my current primary language, and it took me close to a month and regular usage to have good grasp on it. Though a general-purpose language, it has various usages across fields such as Data Science and Cyber Security.

If you are starting out your journey in the computer science domain, then Python should be the first language to learn as it is readable and the easiest to learn. Also, most universities (Indian Context) do not teach Python to freshers (idk why) but instead teach something like C language. C language can teach the foundations of any programming language, but you cannot enjoy it and the language can easily overwhelm a lot of students.

So, learn Python first and then enjoy computer science and other languages it brings. Also, if you have neglected programming even after your sophomore then Python would easily put you back on track.

Resources to learn Python:

  1. CS50 Lecture on Python.
  2. Derek Banas’s Learn in One Video.
  3. Jose Portilla’s Course on Udemy. (Full Fledged Course)
  4. Andrei Neagoie’s Course on Udemy. (Full Fledged Course)


This is my favorite language as well as the world’s. It is easy to learn but can also easily frustrate you with the tons of frameworks it has accumulated since its existence. If you master the foundations of the language, then the libraries and the frameworks should not be that scary as most come with pretty clear documentation.

JavaScript is the language of the web and can also be used off-browser though a server runtime environment such as Node.js. I just love this language and would soon be making it my primary language.

Resources to learn JavaScript:

  1. Derek Banas’s Learn in One Video.
  2.’s 3 Hour Course Video.
  3. Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s Course on Udemy. (Full Fledged Course)


This is actually the top choice of a lot of interested programmers. C++ as the name suggests is the better version of C programming language. It is also the primary choice for developing efficient applications as it is fast and a compiled language unlike Python and JavaScript. Top competitive programmers also use C++ as their primary language.

It also enables the tools for game development and has the efficiency for both system and application development.

Resources to learn C++:

  1. Derek Banas’s Learn in One Video.
  2.’s 4 Hour Course Video.
  3. Learn Programming Academy’s Course on Udemy. (Full Fledged Course)


You will either love or hate this language but cannot ignore it. It has similar syntax as C++, letting the programmers of these languages switch either way without much effort.

This language is old yet modern than C++ with a decade difference between their origins. This language just like its elder cousin (C++) is fast and has various usages across fields such as android, desktop, and web applications as well as in game development and database connections while also handling web servers.

Resources to learn Java:

  1. Derek Banas’s Learn in One Video.
  2. Tim Buchalka’s Course on Udemy. (Full Fledged Course)

This is just a guide to help you choose one as a beginner but as you progress in your journey of computer science, the tools could change. Be flexible enough to learn anything. As long as you master the foundations, there is no programming language that you can’t learn.

Though I have given 4 choices, I’d highly recommend you learn JavaScript. As it has an arsenal so powerful it can get any task done.



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