What is Education?

Shot this for NSS BMU. Photo by Author.
Source: Economic Times. Screenshot by Author.
This is how Wikipedia defines education and it makes sense, but it is not how it is done outside. Screenshot by Author.


You know what’s fascinating about skills? Once learned they are not forgotten ever. They stay with you till death. The only skill the present education gives is “how to study” but what about the rest of the essential skills? Cooking? Gardening? Driving? Cleaning? Housekeeping?

Source: India Today. Screenshot by Author.


Values drive people to act in one way or the other. These sets of values are a guide for human behavior. Ethics and etiquette are a part of these values.


Every culture and religion has its own beliefs. We should learn about all these beliefs and respect them. Some might not make sense, but you still must respect them even if you do not want to follow it.


Habits are very powerful. Good habits make you a better person while bad habits destroy you. Every student in this country is restricted a lot. Once this restriction is lifted, these students try various things (cigarettes, alcohol or drugs) and get addicted. They were never taught on how to break habits and replace them with good habits.



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