You are using the word “Revert” wrong!

One of the many words misused by us. Screenshot and annotation by the author.

But should you continue to use “revert” in your e-mails?

Depends entirely on you, though I wouldn’t use it.

While we are here anyway learning better communication, let us also try to correct something else

Ironically, we use “revert” with “back” in our e-mails and texts, when it inherently implies “back”. So, even in the Indian context if you want someone to reply to you, kindly write “revert to this mail” and not “revert back to this mail”. Also, do remember that even the word “reply” should not be followed by “back” and “discuss” should not be followed by “about”. For more such common errors, click here for a list compiled by Professor Paul Brians who formerly taught at Washington State University.



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Yarala Hruthik Reddy

Yarala Hruthik Reddy

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